Sex is an indispensable part of life and yet, people are shy to talk about it. To sustain a healthy sex life, men must take care of their reproductive organs as well as their functionalities. There are a number of males who suffer from problems like early discharge, late discharge, erectile dysfunctionpenis deformities, and many more. All these problems should be taken under proper consideration and must be treated by a certified sexologist like Dr Amit Joshi.

There are men who feel their masculinity is at stake as they face diverse sex-related issues. Few men even get highly frustrated thinking ‘my penis is too small to satisfy a girl’. Although the pleasure of mating is not determined by the length of the penis, the concern of penis deformity can seriously affect the self-confidence of a man. My penis is not straight’ is again a significant concern that bothers a lot of men.

Dr Amit Joshi is a certified sexologist who has been helping a lot of men to get rid of these sexual problems and lead an energetic sex life with their partners. So, people who are looking for a permanent solution for their sexual well-being, book doctor appointment online with Dr Amit Joshi now!

Apart from penis-related problems, some men also suffer from semen-related problems. For men, both late and early discharge can be shameful during lovemaking. Another significant problem that requires immediate attention by a specialist is passing Semen with urine.

This particular problem is termed Retrograde ejaculation. It happens when semen misdirects to the bladder and causes a dry orgasm. If not treated on time, this concern can lead to male infertility. Again, the problems of nil sperm and no discharge are significant sexual problems that require immediate attention by an expert sexologist like Dr Amir Joshi.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, the appearance of blue veins over the penis is another lousy condition that should be treated with proper medical attention. While talking about the chances of male infertility, one of the most common-heard concerns is ‘my semen is thin‘. However, this problem is also curable if the person considers taking help from a certified sexologist.

The problems related to semen are plenty in number. To name, losing semen during sleep is another common problem that is mostly experienced by younger males. This condition is often termed as ‘nightfalls’. Although once in a while, such an occurrence is not considered to be a serious problem. But if a person has such experience on a regular basis, consulting with a sexologist should be the immediate move. Regular nightfall can lead to serious problems like erectile dysfunction and even, lack of semen.

Injury to sex organs is also a vital problem that needs to be curated with proper treatment. Overlooking the problem can beget future complications and can also make one fall in tentative moments while having intercourse. Deformed sex organs are often associated with psychological disruption and this can cause an erectile problem or no discharge during sex.

There are plenty of males who have reported the problem of not being able to have sex after marriageThe aforementioned males’ sexual problems can be the reason behind this concern or there could be more serious hidden issues that require immediate analysis by an expert sexologist.

Sometimes people don’t even realize that their body is harbouring serious health problems until the proper diagnosis is done. So it is extremely important to consult with a doctor to find valid answers and start the treatment as soon as possible.

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