Most men always feel that a bigger penis size is the best for enjoying a happy sexual life. Research shows that a man with a shorter penis size wants to make it bigger to have a satisfying sexual life. Are you also looking for the right process or technique to improve your penis size? Well, here, you need to meet a sexologist. You need to learn the necessary penis stretching exercises that can give you a better sexual life.

An insight into the fact about right penis size

Men have a misconception that women prefer long penis, and this creates an ego in men to have an improved size penis. All men should check the facts mentioned below relating to this.

  • As per research, most women feel good about their partner’s penis size. However, sometimes thickness can matter for women.
  • Almost all men have a misconception that they have a smaller penis size.
  • There is also another misconception regarding the length of the penis. Well, the average length of the penis should be between 5.1 to 6.3 cm. The thickness of the penis should be 4.7 cm.

Penis stretching exercises and types

Experts suggest various penis stretching exercises that can help men to get extended penis sizes. Let’s check here the top exercises that every man should practice.

  • The first stretching exercise is massage therapy. Here lubricant is applied all over the penis. Next, you need to massage gently. It will help you in stretching the penis and do the necessary enlargement to it.
  • The next exercise is to opt for the penis pump exercise. This exercise is most suitable for those who are victims of erectile dysfunction. Here in this exercise, first, you need to use a lubricant. It is important to avoid any type of irritation. Now place the tube over the penis and now turn on the pump. It will take a few minutes, and your penis gets erected.
  • Another effective penis exercise is Jelqing. Many men practise this technique as this enables you to enhance the thickness of the penis. It is suggested to practice this treatment at least once a day. Jelqing is a result-oriented penis stretching exercise and it can give you a better sexual life.
  • Kegel exercise is another effective stretching technique that men should follow, especially during intercourse. As per this exercise, you need to massage your hands gently on the penis before intercourse.

Penis massage and related benefits

All want to have a better and more enjoyable sex life, and this will get augmented via the perfect penis massage. Once you search, you will find loads of healing treatments that will help you in getting an enlarged penis. Many are curious to know the benefits of penis massage.

  • Right penis massage helps in healing your body. Penis massage rejuvenates your whole body, and it comes with augmentation in personal alignment.
  • Men often feel low libido due to growing age or stress. Penis massage helps to enhance the libido or sex drive in men. It helps men to have proper blood circulation in the penis. It has been noticed that almost 70% of men suffer from low libido due to impotence, and penis massage helps people to get rid of impotence.
  • Penis massage helps in improving blood circulation. It has been noticed, that almost 70 per cent of men are declared impotent due to low blood circulation. So, proper penis massage will help men to get rid of impotence.
  • Men often suffer from penile vibratory stimulation, and it can get erased with the help of the right penis massage.

Well, those above are the facts and benefits that one needs to understand, before starting a penis massage for an improvement, in size. Sexologists do recommend the use of Jiton and Vitang oil for massaging the penis. You can connect with Doctor Amit Joshi Best Sexologist for penis stretching treatments.

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