5 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

We all are fascinated with sex, what are the best positions & best times? The list goes on. Sex is the most critical part of a healthy and happy relationship. But still, many women lose interest in sexual intercourse. What are the reasons that cause a lack of interest in sex, even in the happiest of marriages?

The lacking interest in sex can be due to low overall satisfaction in life, institutionalizing the relationship and being de-sexualized. There are a lot more reasons that can actually be responsible for your low-sex desire. So, let’s review some reasons why you may not want sex with your partner.

1. Bad Relationship

If you are fighting with your partner due to some reasons, like misunderstanding, then you are killing your sex drive. Sex is the first thing, which is affected by the problems in relationships. So, make sure to fix your relationship with some sex therapy. You can consult a sexologist to get sex therapy.

2. Stress

Stress can come into your mind in any way and all of it can cause your libido to drop. Your stress due to regular hectic life can negatively impact your libido, as it leads to you being fatigued and worsens the problem. So ladies! Deal with your stress by doing some meditation and increasing your libido.

3. Lack of excitement

Women can actually get tired of the same routine. They know how their husband is going to touch them, how much their husband loves them and they are not embarrassed to take off their clothes. Everything is old, which automatically causes a lack of excitement. You need to spice up your relationship with some new positions, foreplay, etc.

4. Feel of unattractiveness

Women want to feel needed and wanted and they want something more than just intimacy in a relationship. Most women are not satisfied with their looks and are uncomfortable getting naked in front of their partners. They feel sexually unattractive and this makes them not want sex. Women should have confidence in their looks if they want to enjoy their sexual activity with their partner.

5. Negative sexual experience

Negative sexual experiences in the past can cause low sex desire in women. Women who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual trauma can have problems having sex with a male partner. Going for sexual therapy would be the best option to work through your past traumatic experience.

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